How it works ?

So you want earn online revenue from your website or blog.
You have utilized some contextual links or banners but you  still don't have enough traffic and virtually no click and no revenue yet ?
And weeks are passing...months.. years, and there is no significant income
from your contextual ads ? And  the time of renewal of  website hosting is coming fast.

So what can you do to "almost skyrocket" your income in less than 5 hours ? Try our service !

Our solution  is this: for just  €1.99 to €4.50 one time payable by SMS
(which  you probably have right now.. or by paying $1 by PayPal)
You can hire us for  TWO MONTHS to visit all your websites & blogs 
every friday! (and we will click on your relevant contectual ads if we are interested in them)

You can consider us to be your constant loyal website visitors, who will dramatically rise your pageviews, impressions and CTR and this your revenue is very likely to triple!

As you already know, a single google adsense click can worth from $0.01  up to $15 or more.
But on average you could expect $0.50 to $1 per click.

So here is what you can do:

By sending the SMS code, ( or paying by paypal ) you will get a secret password to access our online form to submit your URLs of your websites and blogs.

It will take up to 8 hours (maximum) for your websites to be visited, browsed,
(so you will earn from ad impressions too ) and  maybe a  few ads being clicked.
And then you can check your earnings!

Google Adsense is just one example of contextual ads. There are many other networks you  could use  to monetize your website. (eg. Bidvertiser, Adbrite.. etc. )