Q & A

Q: Why to use RentAClick
A: Because for the amount you pay for the access password, you could at least triple your profit per single page. As for us,  it is a fast and easy job for us to help your website revenue skyrocket up in the air, triple times more than the amount you pay us to do it! And we still earn a decent share for the work,and everybody wins!

Q: How much does it cost to send SMS code to get the password ?
A: Sending SMS code to get your password costs only one time :
     € 4,50 (from France... it will be double cheaper soon) or
     € 1.99 (from Germany)

Q: Do I need to pay by SMS every time I want to acces the site ?
A: Absolutely not ! You need to send only one SMS once a month and then  you have the access to the password for the current month.

Q: How can I be sure that this SMS service is not a fraud ?
A: Absolutely not ! Even I was once a victim of an SMS service which I activated and it sucked my money from my mobile account a certain amount every month, for the service I didn't need. So I know how mean and pesky those things could be till you manage to cancel them. But this SMS service is not such thing. This is a one time payment, just to purchase your password for the URL submitting page. So we would start the process of visiting them, and earning you revenue as soon as possible.

Q: Could my Google Adsense (or other ) account be banned for this ?
A:  No, because we are only visiting your website (thus generating you impressions). As for clicking on your ads, we will do it occasionally when we are really interested in your ads. Otherwise it would be a click fraud and we don't want that.

Q: How much could I earn ?
A: It all depends on your Cost Per Click (CPC) of your contectual links.
But you could earn additional $10 to $100 per month or much more from your single website.

Q: Why are you providing this service ?
A: To help bloggers and website publishers monetize ther websites and earn revenues faster, to be your best
online money making buddy! To make revenue for my self too by providing a honest and useful service, to fellow bloggers. To advertise my blog and make even more revenue so I  could make an even better service in the future!

Q: I live outside  Germany and France , can  still  get the password ?
A: Yes! But you will need PayPal account and then send us your PayPall email & pay $1 for the access and then your password will be sent to your email  ( in less than 8 hours, max ).

Q: If I use PayPal, but i live in Germany or France, can I pay with PayPal instead of SMS ?
A: Yes!

Q: How often will you come to my website or blog ?
A: We have every website logged into a big database ToDo list, ready and appointed to be visited
once every friday , finishing all duties till midnight EST+1

Q: How long will you visit my websites after my first payment ?
A: Two months ! (after that the active password will change, and you will need to upload again your URls with new password. But till then you will be more than satisfied and eager to do it again, and it's really cheap, considering the revenue you'll make!